Due to our know-how of more than 50 years in the transformation of metal and tube, at FUTE, we have developed new values and opportunities for business, putting our Manufacturing Processes at the service of Industry. We respond to your Outsourcing needs in the areas of Electrostatic Painting, Welding, Stamping, Tube Cutting and Zinc coating, so that you can reduce Operating Costs and increase the agility of your business.

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Painting Line with two Automatic Electrostatic Powder Painting Cabins, with the possibility of painting parts in Steel or Aluminum.

Tunnel washing, degreasing and anti-corrosion pre-treatment – washing + fostatation + passivation.

Fully automated Powder Coating - 8 automatic guns per Paint Cabin



Possibility to stamp pieces of a wide range of thicknesses

Hydraulic Presses up to 250 TON

Mechanical Presses up to 200 TON



Mig Welding by Robot

Manual Mig Welding

Spot welding


Tube Cutting

Automatic Tube Cutting Lines

Manual Tube Cutting Line



Zinc Coating

Semi-automatic Zinc coating Line

Zinc coating drum for smaller parts