A specialized company.



Creating and developing simple, innovative, attractive, functional and reliable products, differentiators in each market segment and their different needs, defines the Company’s strategy.



FUTE will be a successful and an international reference company, based on the AFER brand or the Customer, with the best value for money, where and with whom people like to work and with whom they identify.

Alongside this strategy, we consider it our mission to create a symbiosis between the company, the market and the environment, in all its aspects, namely quality, design, innovation, environmental protection, energy efficiency and sustainability.


Quality, Environmental and Energy Policy

To ensure with high responsibility and efficiency, the satisfaction of customer’s expectations, markets and the surrounding environment, aiming at Sustainable Development and improvement of energy performance;

Provide highly competitive products, with special attention to the optimization of all resources (natural and internal) throughout its design and production;

Involve all people in the dynamics of FUTE, environmental protection and energy efficiency by promoting a culture based on social responsibility, ethics, truth and respect for everything around us;
To use preventive methods and continuous improvement, in order to obtain maximum productive efficiency, energy and environmental protection, ensuring compliance with legal and other requirements.

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